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The Greatest, Most Immediate Impact to Increase Your Website’s Google Ranking


Question: Of ALL the things you can do to increase your website’s Google Ranking, what has the greatest, most immediate impact?

Answer: Getting more backlinks to your site 🎯.

It sounds simple, yet anyone who has tried to build backlinks ➡️ knows that SIMPLE should never be mistaken for EASY.

Building backlinks requires you to consistently create great, useful content, which takes time, energy and resources away from other activities.

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It also takes TIME 🗓for you to see results – typically 6-9 months.

Too often I see businesses adopt content marketing only to abandon it 3-6 months later because they haven’t yet seen ROI. In this video📽, I’m sharing a simple idea for how any business who serves their LOCAL area can approach content marketing and building backlinks.

It is a SIMPLE strategy. But again, because it is not EASY to keep at it, most won’t. So if you take the time to do this consistently, you WILL see results !

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