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Love … Love Will Keep Us Together!

For private and wealth management advisors there’s nothing quite like high quality referrals from clients.

The question that I am often asked is, “How can I generate more referrals?”

The answer?Love affair marketing. Advisors must create closer personal relationships with their clients while simultaneously increasing face time (no, not Facetime on your iPhone, silly). One of the best ways to accomplish both is by hosting intimate events. The key?Offer unique and memorable experiences – customized events that tap into the interests and values of your clients and prospects that leave a lasting impression. Not only will clients look forward to attending your events, they will be looking forward to the next event and want to bring their friends.For example, consider hosting a Valentine’s Day lunch if you have widowed clients. This is a welcomed idea that many advisors host annually with great success – talk about love affair marketing! Remember, the goal is to think outside the box and make your event not only compelling but easy to attend. Consider gifting the Godiva’s Valentines Day Truffle Flightwhether you host a lunch or not, it is a memorable way to show your widowed clients that you care.Check out the following video above on the Top 10 ideas for innovative, memorable events along with a Quick Reference Guide that includes all the details (even some BONUS ideas!).Remember the key to successful client events is planning, planning, planning.