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News Jacking: How to Be in Front of People When They’re Looking


News Jacking: How to Be in Front of People When They're Looking

We all know the importance and effectiveness of having a powerful online social media presence on becoming more referable.

Our guest on the podcast this week was one of the pioneers in helping business owners understand this. We’re excited to be talking to David Meerman Scott, speaker, consultant, business strategist, and author of 10 books including The New Rules of Marketing & PR, and The New Rules of Sales and Service.

David has created several resources to help business owners get noticed and generate new business using online marketing.

The latest are his New Marketing Mastery Program and an exciting new venture to provide sound branding options for firms. He lays that out in our conversation. We also discuss the concept of ‘newsjacking’ – using current events and your online platforms to get ahead of the news cycle, while establishing yourself as a subject matter expert and potentially reaping the rewards of new business.

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David touches on the idea of the World Wide Rave, and his free resource to help you understand how to create wildly shareable content and boost your profile. We were thrilled that he took some time to share his insights with us, and have no doubt you’ll find them just as useful.

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