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Creating a Personal Brand Is Essential for Effective Financial Adviser Marketing


Written by: Marius Lock | Momentum Consult

While expertise, qualifications and experience are essential in the financial adviser industry, there’s one additional element you need to actually bring in new clients and expand your business – a strong personal brand.

A Personal Brand is Not What You Think

Most people mistake a personal brand for a logo, the colours on your website or a slogan – and while these things may constitute part of a brand, they’re not what a personal brand is all about. The right way to think about a personal brand is knowing yourself, your offering and what makes you different – then channelling the way you present your services so that opportunities and clients that align with them will find you.

For example, if you have a passion for assisting NPOs, then it does you no good to have a generic website and online presence. You need to customise your content and the way you present your services so that NPOs looking for financial advice can discover you more easily and see that you’re a good match.

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Tips for Building a Strong Personal Brand

  • Clarity: Each piece of content that you put out there to advertise yourself or your services must be clear about who you are and what you offer. Be specific rather than generic – you’re not just a financial adviser, you’re a “Retirement planning specialist offering customised solutions for the SA market” or a “Qualified financial specialist helping families plan for their future”. Try out several titles and select a few that you can use in your marketing strategy.
  • Put it out there: Once you’ve decided on the face you want to present to your clients; the next step is to go ahead and let everyone know. Your website is just a foundation for this step, so remember to diversify your approach and include guest blog posts, radio interviews (you can also act as a resource for news reporters for segments relevant to your brand), and articles you can post to social media accounts like LinkedIn. Grow your social network and exposure by connecting with your target market as well as your peers and relevant groups through personalised invitations that link to your offering. Be active online and post frequent tips, articles and insights that share your brand’s values and are useful to your audience. If you see an article by a quality source relevant to your offering or industry, share it with others along with a brief insight or opinion on the topic.
  • Be consistent with quality and information: Before you connect with someone, join a group or share an article, ask yourself if your actions connect with the values of the personal brand you’re trying to create and the professionalism that you want associated with your services. Consistency is key to an effective and powerful personal brand.

Building a strong personal brand as a financial adviser takes time and effort, but it’s worth the trouble. It’s about presenting yourself and your services by putting your best foot forward and building real relationships with your audience, creating a rewarding partnership for both parties.

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