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Seven Traits Potential Clients Are Looking for in Their Financial Adviser


Seven Traits Potential Clients Are Looking for in Their Financial Adviser

Having spoken to literally hundreds of clients of Financial Advisers this year myself, I feel confident in writing this list of the most common traits that your clients want from their Financial Adviser and this really applies to both attracting new clients as well as retaining existing clients. Check out the list and see how well you display the traits. Is there room for improvement?

1. You look successful

At the end of the day you wouldn’t go to a dentist with bad teeth would you? but there is a fine line with looking successful and being ‘in your face’ I remember speaking with an adviser ages ago now who was told to drive an old second hand car so that his clients wouldn’t think he was charging too much! obviously leave the new Ferrari at home but make sure that objects like your pen, office furniture, technology devices, office fit out and all those other aspects look professional and portray you as a successful business professional.

2. Patience

Sometimes it can take clients a while to digest all the information you have given them and a while for them to sign their paperwork. Whilst it may be a priority for you it’s not always a priority for the client ( I know it should be!).

3. Financial Expert

Some clients think that their Financial Adviser is physically assessing their investment everyday – whilst this may not be the case what clients are looking for is a knowledgeable up to date informed financial expert – that’s where they see the value of financial advice.

4. Honesty

One of the most stated traits that is mentioned. They want to know that you abide by all the legal requirements, compliance constraints and all the other shackles that ensures you will never do anything wrong by them

5. Look out for them

They want to know that you’re not a product pusher at that you will have their best interests at heart. If they mention something about another problem they are having (financial of course) you know people who can help them, if you can’t.

6. Understanding

That you understand their problem/goal and how that affects them emotionally. If you can articulate someones problem better than they can, they will credit you with knowing the solution. And, the only way you can do that is to specialise and truly immerse yourself in that niche – you can t do that if you generalise

7. You’ll outlive them

They want to know you will be around long after they’ve passed. Can be a tricky one to demonstrate. succession planning really comes into play here giving clients the confidence that if something was to happen, there are others in your business that will help them.

Together we could probably add a lot more traits but I thought I’d share the top 7 that clients are seeking today.

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