#Social Prospecting: Bringing it All Together to Find Your Ideal Prospects

I have continually been hearing the word ‘ easy’ as I coach advisors on how to use social media to acquire new clients.

LinkedIn is an absolute introduction machine if you know how to use it. In my previous installmentI showed you how to use LinkedIn’s Advanced Search feature and Boolean logic to greatly improve the accuracy of your search results. In this issue I’m bringing it all together for you. The Proof is in the Results:I received the following email from an advisor I coached that read as follows:Did an advanced search in DC2nd degree connectionCEO AND OwnerGeorgetown UniversitySent 7 connection requests, 1 lunch, Interested in opening a retirement account. Took about 15 mins and 40 bucks for lunch. Creepy how "easy" this is!How was this advisor successful? By using the Advanced Search feature in LinkedInplusBoolean logic. Learn how to perform similar advanced searches by watching the following videoand be sure to download the Advanced Search Reference Guide BONUS: it’s loaded with search terms!It’s now or never! Early adopters have the advantage – so get in early and go all in.