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Social Prospecting: Finding Your Ideal Prospects with Logic


Social Prospecting: Finding Your Ideal Prospects with Logic

About a decade ago, I was working in corporate America, attending several in-person meetings and decided that I “wanted to be taken more seriously,” because let’s face it, I’m blond, and, well, people stereotype… So I thought I would get a pair of eyeglasses that would make me look smart and “geeky-sheeky”.  I became so consumed with the appropriate “look” I ended up missing important points brought up in meetings, body language that might’ve been important, etc. So in essence, instead of being “taken more serious” I actually fit the stereotype (gasp) –  buh-bye glasses!

As time passed I discovered I truly DID need glasses. Off to the eye doctor I went, and was given a prescription. Naturally, they encouraged me to select a pair of frames from their eyewear boutique. As one who loves unique designers and fashion none of the frames found in the Doctor’s eyewear boutique fit my needs.

So, I took my prescription and headed to the most fashion forward eyewear store out there – and within minutes found more than 3 pairs of eyewear that fulfilled all my requirements. In a sense, I employed Boolean logic in looking for the perfect eyewear: eyewear AND fashion – the same should hold true when looking for ideal prospects.

What is Boolean logic?

Boolean logic was named after the 19th century mathematician George Boole. It’s basically a form of algebra in which values are reduced to TRUE or FALSE. Complicated? No. It’s actually super easy to learn AND it greatly improves the accuracy of your LinkedIn Advance Search results in seconds – giving you a warm lead list of your ideal prospects.

Bottom line – Boolean searches can help you find exactly who you’re looking for in the shortest amount of time by using specific modifiers in a search field.

Learn how to use Boolean Logic by watching the following video and be sure to download the Boolean Search Quick Reference Guide

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