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The Key to Positioning Yourself as the Expert in Any Niche Market


The Key to Positioning Yourself as the Expert in Any Niche Market

At a recent conference, I was approached by a financial adviser who had a specific question for me, “I have decided on a niche market, but I have little experience working with this niche. How can I position myself as knowledgeable without coming across unconfident?” I like this niche and want to develop my expertise so that I can work with them more.”

Because it’s a question I know other financial advisers have, I thought I’d write a quick post about the guaranteed way in which you can position yourself within a new niche.

Firstly, allow me to address the 2 BIGGEST MISTAKES most financial advisers make when positioning their value.

1. Talking themselves up – too much confidence. I don’t meet a lot, but I have met some financial advisers who do this and people just don’t feel comfortable with them; don’t trust them. Gives the industry a bad reputation!

2. Talking themselves down – too little confidence. Clients want to know that you back yourself; that what you say you believe in because you know it works. Meek and mild aren’t attractive.

Here’s the problem with both those mistakes … 

In both cases, you’re talking about yourself – not your ideal client.

We all hate to listen to someone boast about themselves, so please don’t do it!

Talk about the common problems faced by people in your niche. Talk about what you believe is causing the problems, and what the long-term effective could be if no action was taken.

Wyatt Woodsmall once said, “When you can articulate a person’s problem better than they can, they unconsciously & automatically give you credit for knowing the solution.”

That is the key to positioning you as the expert in any niche market.

How do you know the top problems in your niche? You ask, you research, and you read up! Focus your research on understanding what keeps them awake at night, metaphorically speaking! What is their number one financial concern? Focus on them and their problems not how you solve them YET. You can’t develop the solutions if you don’t know what their problems are!

There’s always a place to share your experience & social proof. It’s AFTER you’ve earned the right to talk at all. Shine the spotlight of your attention on your ideal client, not yourself or your financial advice yet…

If you need any help in developing your niche marketing, please feel free to contact me directly, and we can have a chat about it.

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