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The New Rules of Client Acquisition Part 4 – Stay Ahead of the Pack #success


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No doubt, the landscape is changing quickly and advisors are experiencing an increasingly competitive environment; regulations, technology and Robo-advisors, all of which are rocking the status quo. Thus, it’s necessary to stay ahead of the pack, and Twitter can help you do just that.

A great Twitter strategy can be a game changer and potentially open up a new sales pipeline, as it is a largely untapped prospecting platform for advisors, for now…  

Build It & They Will Come

Begin by creating (or auditing) your Twitter profile to ensure it is attractive, engaging and complete. It should have a great photo, relevant banner and compelling bio that mentions the topics you tweet about.

Note: Most advisors are allowed to have a strictly personal Twitter account, however abide by your firm’s compliance guidelines.

Get Busy With It

Follow your clients, prospects, COIs, thought leaders and people you admire to gain insights about important things in life like: fave places, food, sports, passions, kids, etc. When you follow and engage with them, they get a notification. Therefore, it quickly develops and deepens relationships. Here’s how to engage:

*TIP: The #1 mistake everyone makes on Twitter is starting a tweet with someone’s handle (e.g. @Sima_Patel). The tweet won’t appear in your followers’ feeds unless they follow that person, too! In other words, only the people who follow BOTH you and Sima Patel will see the tweet, not all of your followers!

Solution: You can either start your tweet with an actual word “Hey @Sima_Patel can we get coffee…” OR start your tweet with a period immediately in front of the person’s handle, that way all of your follows will see your tweet (see example below with highlighted period):

It Can Get Noisy – Control the Volume

The more people you follow, the slimmer the chances of you seeing everything they are tweeting. Your twitter feed can get noisy and you can miss important updates. The easiest way to break through the noise is by creating lists. Create separate lists for your clients, prospects and COIs – lists will allow you to really hone in on who and what matters. The easiest tool for lists is Tweet Deck.

ABC – Always Be Connecting

The key to social selling is taking the online relationship to a more personal level: phone call, face-to-face (coffee, lunch). Do not start the sales process online, it can easily erode trust, credibility or rapport that’s been established. People do business with people they know, like and trust – if you aren’t connecting with your online audiences on a more personal level you are opting out of a potentially powerful sales pipeline. 

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