How to Win Back Trust, Build and Deliver Value!

Natasha Pellyis a Senior Investment Analyst at Zenith Media.She recently wrote an interesting article, How the Royal Banking Commission and Diminished Trust is Putting the Squeeze on Marketing Budgets.Natasha joins us today to share some practical advice and tips to help the industry win back trust, build and deliver value, how important your message is, and shares some case studies about how other companies have won back their customers in this latest ‘Listen to the Experts’ podcast.

In this episode you will learn more about:

(1:04) – Demystify what brand marketing Is(3:26) – Brand marketing for an industry(4:24) – Tactical things advisors can do to highlight their value(7:16) – An example of receiving bad press and rebuilding their reputation and trust(12:06) – How often an advice business should be communicating to its communityRelated: How to Promote Yourself as an Expert Financial Advisor