How to Write Social Media Posts That Get The Most Clicks

According to Social Media Today , there are approximately 3.04 billion people worldwide that use social media, with 77% of people in the United States having at least one platform, and 90% of social media users reach out to brands on their platforms! With those impressive numbers, how are you utilizing this to create a stronger marketing strategy for your advisory firm? It’s important to not only be active on social but also make sure that you are creating content that is worthwhile and drives more traffic to your website.

We get it though, creating compelling content can be a lot of work, especially with everything else that comes with running a business, but if you incorporate this into your strategy, it will be well worth it in the end. So, how do you create social media posts that get the most clicks?

Creating Strong Social Content

As mentioned above, you want to create content for your social media platforms that really entice visitors to take a step further, read your articles, head to your website, whatever it may be.

Create Content that is Compelling

This is a no brainer, but make sure that you are creating content that is compelling to your audience. It is important to create a routine and schedule when it comes to your social posts, but that doesn’t mean just churn out tons of posts without any real value. As the old saying goes, “quality is better than quantity,” and that goes for social media posts, as well.Infographic IRAIn the above post from Opulus, they have created a compelling Facebook post that not only asked a question for the audience to consider, but they use emojis at the end of the post and have created a video to help explain the difference between Traditional & Roth IRA’s to their users.

Keep It Short and Sweet When you Can

Your readers are generally in a hurry and may quickly be scrolling through, so resist the temptation to make your posts longer than necessary. Only include important information so that your readers can understand what the most important information is and then go from there with the next step

Use Emojis on your Posts

Did you know that 92% of online consumers use emojis? It’s a great way to get people more engaged with your posts, it’s eye-catching and when you are trying to use fewer words, sometimes emojis can do the trick! Using emojis on Facebook resulted in:
  • 57% more Likes
  • 33% more Comments
  • 33% more Shares
  • Statistics show that using emojis on Twitter resulted in 25.4% more engagement.Incorporating something so simple is a great way to boost engagement and show your lighter side of business. They help to drive engagement on all variety of digital media which includes email, mobile and social.Marketing SEOIn the above Facebook post from Black Oak Wealth Management, they used emojis on their Facebook post along with a fun family picture along with a post about “Setting the bar low.” It fits well with the feel of the article because while informative, it has a fun spin on setting the bar low by starting with smaller goals and working up to them.

    Make Sure It Is not Passive

    This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it can really make an impact on your post. An active voice is a straightforward way of describing your actions, which passive voice uses a third party to describe the action. Passive voice downplays the impressiveness of your accomplishments, while active voice is much more powerful.

    Include Statistics and Facts

    You do not have a lot of time to draw in an audience, so including statistics is a great way to drive home a point and make someone more likely to click on your post. If you include a powerful statistic in a post, then it will be much more likely to resonate with your audience versus a post without any type of fact or statistic that they may be interested in or even able to relate to.Twenty Over Ten Marketers Twenty Over Ten’s Twitter post includes statistics about inbound marketing in their Twitter post, but in the image that they used. If someone is trying to create a stronger inbound marketing strategy, then they can see how important it is with the statistic from Weidert Group, where “76% of marketers use inbound marketing as their primary strategy.” This will entice those looking to change up their marketing tactics to click on the article.

    Ask a Question

    Asking questions is one of the best ways to draw in your audience and help create more engagement. The questions should be a mix of both open-ending or close-ended questions, as some people want to provide a longer answer while others may be in a hurry, so a simple one or two-word answer would suffice. When you include questions in your posts, it shows that you want to engage and really cares about what your readers think or you want to be able to provide them with answers or tools to help with the question.Hoskins Wealth ManagementIn the Facebook post from Hoskins Wealth Management, they discuss how they have partnered with Riskalyze to help clients identify their risk numbers. They then ask the question, “What’s Yours?” This simple question should entice visitors to find out, especially since they mentioned that everyone has a Risk Number.

    Post About What Is Trending

    Check out trending hashtags and make sure that you are keeping up with what’s going on in both the financial industry and outside of it. Post the latest trending news that you think your followers will enjoy, and post that. People want to know what is going on right now and are going to read relevant content versus something that they have on interest in. You can see what other financial advisors are posting about or you can simply search in Google and you are bound to find trending content that you can weigh in on.Capital ManagementIn the above Facebook post from Tapparo Capital Management, you can see that Andrew Tapparo has posted a link to a trending topic as the Medicare Open Enrollment Period happens every year from October 15-December 7. He mentions how it can save you or your family a lot of money, so even if you already have a plan, it’s still worth it to check out his article. This, in turn, will lead visitors to his blog section on his advisor website, thus increasing traffic.

    Describe the Benefits

    Obviously people are going to be more interested in something by nature when they can benefit from it versus not getting anything out of it. If you can create motivate in your visitors and entice them to learn more from your post, then you are doing a good job. Make it clear that if your visitors click on their post, then they will get something out of it. This can be anything from a whitepaper, eBook, Guidebook, a useful Infographic, video, etc. Additionally, highlight that it is free as that is something that is very appealing to an audience.Financial Planning In the above screenshot from Maury Schneider, CPA, MBA, CFP®, Founder & Financial Planner at MLS Financial Planning, LLC, he provides a downloadable infographic for his readers so that they can find out what the true cost of a being a pet owner is. Pets are like family to many people, so this post probably hits homes for many of his readers and provides them with useful information that they can quickly download with one simple click.

    Does Your Social Strategy Have What It Takes?

    Your social strategy is not going to be perfect overnight, just as you can’t expect to build a following in one. Find out what works best for your firm and understand that it is a game of trial and error. If something needs tweaking, then, by all means, tweak it! If you consistently post and engage with your audience, then this will create more followers and drive more people to your website. If you utilize these tips, then you are sure to have a strong social strategy which will ultimately boost your SEO rankings.Related: SEO for Financial Advisors: 4 Simple Tasks for Your Marketing Routine