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Your Clients will Love You More Than Santa!

Life has never been more predictable, the delightful surprise that occurs when we least expect it attracts attention like never before.

Yes, a holiday gift is pretty much anticipated, however a personalized gift that is unique to your client’s interests, passions and family is sure to truly delight this holiday season.

We all know client relationships are the essence of a successful advisors business and “it costs less to keep clients than to find new clients.” Therefore nurturing existing client relationships is essential. I’ve coached thousands of financial advisors on how to acquire new clients and make existing relationships even stickier. I’ve noticed one common theme among the most successful – they practice “love affair marketing”, they know their clients and their families (pets too!), and they care greatly about them.

Gifting must be personal! I’ve put together a time-saving holiday gift guide that contains unique gifts (and direct links to the items) in different categories all under $100 to adhere to regulatory limits. Check it out here . For more details about Godiva, Kate Spade, Teavana and Sur La Table check out the video above. Happy Holidays!