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How to Add Video to Your Online Presence


Written by: Karl Feldman

As you consider your online presence, you need to think about adding a video to your overall strategy. But the challenges are real. Quality video production can be more expensive and take more time to create.

In this video, Karl Feldman gives you a few tips on successfully adding video to your online presence.

Let’s consider video strategy today and how it fits in your overall online presence. Video is a great way to beef up your firm’s online visibility. We know from our research that it is second only to Google as a search engine with over three billion searches happening per month. It’s also a go-to for educational content. Think about it in your personal life, how many times you need to figure out how to do something, YouTube is always the answer.

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So, the one challenge that stands in our way is, it can be a little more challenging to produce than writing say, a blog post, or finding some cool images to work with on your website. So, with that in mind, one of the first things that we recommend is balance your production method. Look for modular opportunities. Can you shoot multiple things on one location? Can you bring in mobile phones to help supplement your shooting strategy?

Second, be clear. Get right to the point. People don’t have time to listen to a nice intro. They want to get right to what they’re trying to learn about.

And lastly, consider the social multiplier. Once you invest in making video content, use social media to blast that out to the masses and really multiply your impact for effort.

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