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Creating Magnetic Client Experiences

Last year, I plunked down $2,000 for a digital course. I didn’t spend months agonizing over the price point, wringing my hands wondering if it would work for me. I read the expert’s materials, watched his videos, tried his free advice (it worked beautifully), and signed on the dotted line.

My reasoning: If the “free” client experience was that good, imagine what was behind the pay wall?

Best $2,000 I ever spent. Why? Because my experience lined up EXACTLY to what he’d led me to believe was possible. From what was delivered, to how it was presented, to the support team, the entire adventure was 100% on-brand. He earned massive amounts of goodwill (and a true fan) and I will look kindly on anything he offers in the future.

Contrast that with a second expert authority interaction that started out much the same. Some pretty amazing (free) content was shared, followed by a sales offer. The problem? The initial offer was disguised—and then quickly revealed as a bait and switch. Classic sleazy marketing. And so, “expert” though she may be, I quickly disconnected from her sphere—who wants to listen to, much less buy from, a demonstrated liar?

Because it doesn’t matter if you’re the world’s expert in your field if you can’t create irresistible client and buyer experiences.

Experiences that you uniquely design to pull in and mesmerize your sweet-spot clients. From the first impression you make, to your first sale, to every single spot on the continuum of your relationship.

It’s true on-line and it’s true face to face.

We buy from those we know, like and trust. And part of that is being able to consistently rely on what we’ll receive from you.

We appreciate getting what we expect, what we were promised. And we LOVE being delighted. It makes us forgive the inevitable missteps along the way if you’re honest and say you’re sorry.

If you keep to the implied promise you made when we first engaged with you, we will be loyal. We’ll cheer for you. We’ll tell our friends about you. We may even become your stark raving fans (not to mention your unpaid marketing force).

It doesn’t matter if your price point is a $10 book, a $2,000 training course or a $50,000 engagement. Creating magnetic client and buyer experiences is about making us feel everything you’ve promised us.

So by all means—aim high. Just don’t forget to deliver.