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What If Magic Was Part Of Your Strategy?


OK, so hear me out on this.

I’m not suggesting that you sit on the sidelines, hoping and praying for some sort of magical intervention that instantly makes your business successful.

You’re smarter than that.

But what if you built magic into your strategy—hard-wired it into your day-by-day, in-and-out routines?

Whenever I’m working on writing and strategy projects (which is, oh, about 90% of my time), there is always the fear that this time, the magic—that last 5% of the project that makes it sing—won’t come.

So I’ve learned to corral that fear by building magic into my big picture strategy, my work processes (down to minute tactical moves) and my decision-making.

It looks like this.

I do every single left-brain thing I can think of to prime the pump. Homework. Research. Analysis. What-ifs.

And then I back off, letting it percolate.

Maybe I turn to another project, go do some cardio or whip something up in the kitchen (the scent of garlic wafting through the house is usually sign #1 that inspiration is elusive).

Because I’ve done everything I can humanly do to pave the way for magic.

When it comes to creative work, you have to keep soaking on “good enough” to find your way to good—or sometimes—the truly great.

And don’t try to tell me your work isn’t creative—I’m not buying it.

If you’re doing consulting or advisory work, you’re putting your creativity—how you see and process the world around you—in service to your clients every single day.

Building magic into your strategy—making conscious room for its impact—elevates your work to another level.

But let’s take it even further.

What if you acted—perhaps even instantly—when magic beckoned?

If you’ve listened to The Business Of Authority, you’ll have heard my podcast partner Jonathan Stark and I talk about how our paths crossed.

Each of us kept taking big and small leaps of faith together until here we are, 50+ episodes and a year in, with a growing audience who values what we are producing—and shares it.

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Which means this particular magic magnifies far beyond just the two of us as our ideas spread and morph.

I made a decision long ago to try to recognize magic and make room for it in my daily life.

So I said a very quick yes to Jonathan.

I’ve said equally quick yeses to alliance partners, clients and business opportunities—that, make no mistake, sometimes mean saying goodbye to something else.

And I’ve also said no.

Because part of having a strong brand (and business plan that aligns with it), is being clear about the non-starters.

The non-magical bad fits that just don’t align with your values or your vision or the stage you’re in right now.

So whether you’re solving thorny problems for clients, writing your first book or translating your genius into a training program—make conscious room for magic, for serendipity, for stardust.

Because isn’t doing unforgettable work that transforms your tribe why you started your business in the first place?

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