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Millennials Aren’t the Problem. You Are.


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Millennials are lazy, ill-prepared, undisciplined, entitled, and undependable.

If you haven’t said such things, you’ve certainly heard them said. It seems that many businesses are struggling to understand this generation. They’re not like our parents and they don’t seem to like our way of doing business. They must be the problem. After a;;. hasn’t everything else been working fine?

But Millennials aren’t the problem. You are. We are. We as business owners are.

While some businesses lament the past and try to squeeze 21st-century workers into 20th-century work practices, other businesses have figured out how to leverage their strengths and gain a competitive advantage.

In this video, Barry Chandler, co-founder of Storyforge, and no longer a millennial, discusses what millennials really want and what you need to know about this imporant generation in order to succeed.

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