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Why You Need To Pick One Thing To Be Brilliant At


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I used to spend summer weekends in a small Michigan town about 70 miles outside of Chicago. There wasn’t enough local or seasonal demand to keep certain kinds of shops in business, so you’d buy your landscaping supplies, do your laundry, rent videos and buy chocolates (seriously) all in the same store. The kitsch was part of its charm.

But the world has changed.

With the flick of a wrist, you can get pretty much any specialty item delivered to your doorstep. You’ve become accustomed to getting exactly what you want—fast.

So naturally, when you go searching for help with your business, you expect the same experience. You don’t want to waste time with a generalist who doesn’t get it.

And neither does your client.

They want the one who specializes in THEIR situation. Their industry. Their big fat hairy problem.

They want to know—without a doubt—that you’re the right choice.

So the “Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Photographer, Internet Marketer, Website Developer, Writer” guy will not be first choice for pretty much anything.

Ditto the “Consultant, Futurist, Keynote Speaker, Author, Facilitator and Community Czar”.

Your audience values focus. Deep specialty. A niche.

Just pick one.

And then tell us about it.

Tell us the client stories that you’d be thrilled to re-live 1,000 times over. Take us with you as you create magic from mayhem.

Show us your expertise—because if we have a brain-surgery kind of problem, we want to be absolutely sure you’re the right choice. We don’t get twice to get it right.

And let us feel you. Because maybe we don’t have a bet-the-business situation but we DO want someone who will listen to us, understand where we’re coming from and where we’re headed.

If you wouldn’t introduce yourself as a “Consultant, Designer, Photographer, Artist, Poet” at a cocktail party, then it probably shouldn’t be on your website or your social media handle.

By all means, indulge in your passions—they make you a uniquely rounded and richly talented human being. And yes, build them into your social media sharings so we know you’re a real person.

But if you want to attract your sweet-spot clients, keep your focus on how your work changes their lives. Not on the 47 OTHER things you love to do besides working your craft.

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