10 Ways To Say “Thank You" To Your Clients

As children, we’re taught to say “thank you” (I remind my kids continuously).

But it’s not until we become adults that we realize how important it really is to give thanks. Focusing on what we’re thankful for not only helps us show our appreciation to those around us, but it brings an inner joy when we’re reminded that we really do have it pretty great.

People we do business with have done so by choice (we hope!). You’d be hard pressed to find a category of business online without at least a dozen choices, yet your clients chose YOU. BRAVO!!

Since they’ve made such a brilliant choice, we need to remind them every once-in-a-while that you appreciate them and because of your gratitude (and great service) they should continue to choose you.

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Here are a few ideas that will hopefully inspire you to give thanks. I’ve even provided links to great services to help get you started:

  • Old Fashioned Thank You Note: I know this is at the top of everyone’s list, but you can’t deny how effective it is. Since the handwritten word is fast becoming a lost art, a thank you note in the mail shows effort and that the business really cares. As a business owner, it’s great to have them printed up so you have notes on hand when you need them. VISTAPRINT is a great “go-to” for stuff like this. Not sure what to write inside? Get some great wording ideas HERE .
  • A Free Read: Got a new ebook in the works? Offer a few chapters for free. You can also come up with a small pamphlet with some great free info. Not a writer? No problem! Share a link to a FREE EBOOK that you think your customers would appreciate.
  • Feature A Client: Got a client that’s doing great things? Let everyone know! Post it on your website or on social media. Check out how Jonas Music Services does it via EPRESSKITZ .
  • Freebies: Give away a free service for a limited time. For example, if you run a subscription service, give your best clients 1 month free. Or simply Google “free for a limited time” and scroll through the examples of companies doing it right.
  • Giveaway: Giveaways may not be a big money maker for your business, but they really get customers involved and they sure are fun! Feel free to get creative. Have your followers post their funniest “Dad” story for Father’s Day or favorite vintage candy for Halloween. Here are 50 great IDEAS .
  • Take A % Off: Pick any product. For example, you can offer 40% off business cards for the month of December. Take a look at your budget and see where you can afford some wiggle room to reduce prices.
  • Charity: You can do this a few different ways. If you have any clients that are charities, by all means donate, especially during the holidays. Find out what charities your clients are involved in and donate. You can also choose your favorite charity and donate in the the name of your clients. Check out the 10 most frequently viewed CHARITIES .
  • Give Away Company Gifts: The ideas here are limitless. Put your company’s logo on coffee mugs and send them out to your clients for the holidays. It can even be something as simple as candy with a customized wrapper. Get some ideas HERE .
  • Learning Opportunity: Does your blog or website offer “how-to” information? Put together a special PODCAST free for your clients only. Make sure to advertise it as a paid podcast for everyone else and offer your clients a coupon code.
  • Digital Thank You: Low on funds but still want to give thanks? A digital thank you is the best way to go. Perhaps include a staff photo and your company logo. Spend some time and write a really heartfelt, but brief, note of gratitude. Post it on social media and in a newsletter. You can also send an ECARD to your email subscribers.