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Make Customers Fall In Love With Your Business


Make Customers Fall In Love With Your Business

Every business has its competitors, but what is it that makes one business stand head and shoulders above its competitors?

It’s a question that many business owners ask themselves: ‘What do I need to do to attract more paying customers’, while customers often ask themselves a similar question: ‘Why should I choose to do business with you?’

The purpose of this post to help inspire you, to make your business stand out from your competitors, and how to make your customers love you.


The way to make your customers feel special is to offer them personalized service.

And when your customers feel special, their word-of-mouth referrals will attract more customers to your business, automatically increasing sales. It takes very little time and outlay to offer your customers personalized service –

  • Simple gestures like remembering your customers name or their preferences shows your customers they are valued.
  • Another common way of personalizing customer service is offering your customers a loyalty program. Besides creating loyal, happy customers, it also helps you keep track of your business.
  • Acknowledge your very important customers by sending a handwritten note or cake for their birthday. This simple gesture guarantees their loyalty and cements relationships.
  • If you’re an online store, offer your customers special deals. People are impressed by a company that cares about its customers, and a single tweet to loyal customers will attract a lot of attention to your brand. Offering your online customers a special deal is a simple yet effective way of gaining more followers, which generally results in more paying customers.


When you provide that little bit of extra service or attention you’re showing your customers how much you value their loyalty.

Sometimes prices and products are quite similar between competitors, and it’s this extra personal service that creates loyal customers.

For many shoppers, the determining factor of whether they shop in a certain store does not come down to price – it’s determined by the customer service they receive.

Businesses who train their customer service staff to go the extra mile and offer personalized attention understand only too well how important it is for a customer to leave their store feeling happy and special.


When you treat your customers with courtesy and respect, it stands to reason that, not only will they come back, they’ll encourage their friends to come too.

Why not surprise your loyal customers by offering them special discounts for no particular reason, or simply call to ask how they are? Any positive interaction with your customers is always a good thing, so think of ways to offer them something unexpected.

Word will spread very quickly through social media that your company treats its customers very well!


Become involved in local neighbourhood activities by hosting a charity event or participating in fundraisers.

It’s the ideal way of making a meaningful connection with your customers. It shows them that you’re a significant part of their community and that together you can make a difference.

There are various ways of using your business product or service to support people within your community; like   offering free food to homeless people, donating goods and or/services to various charities, providing school supplies to needy families, and so on. Once your customers realize you’re proudly supporting local groups, they’ll be only too happy to support your efforts.

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It’s highly likely that some of your loyal customers are actually business owners themselves, so what better way to support your local community than to refer customers to other business owners in your area.

Business-to-business is a form of networking that works extremely well, creating a win-win situation for both businesses and all their customers.


Do you remember being asked this question when you were a child?

Well, it’s still as relevant today as it was back then. You can never say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ too often – it’s simply good manners!

Treat each of your customers like they’re your only customer; let them know how much their loyalty means to you, which can be by email, over the phone, or even in-person.

Good manners, kindness, and gratitude will always be appreciated, and the result will be satisfied, loyal customers.

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