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Secrets of Content Marketing: How Advisors Can Make Their Content Go Further


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If you are constantly looking for new content ideas and blog topics with which to engage your target audience, you could try digging a little closer to home. What many Advisors don’t realize is that they have valuable, ready-to-use content right at their fingertips. After all, we all know that content marketing can take a considerable amount of time and it isn’t always possible to be pumping out new content on a daily basis. Fortunately, great content can be repurposed into something new and different, and extend your content’s longevity while also maximizing the reach of your content’s idea.

Content repurposing involves taking your work and adapting it to a new content angle or format. Incorporating this approach into content marketing can help to expedite production and increase audience reach and effectiveness. In addition to saving some time on content production, repurposing your content into different formats means being able to focus on different aspects of your content.  For example, a blog post may focus on explaining some concepts of a topic, while an Infographic may focus on a different angle of the topic such as stats or data analysis. Some visitors prefer visual over text, while some would choose eBooks over Webinars. Reformatting your content in different formats means appealing to more audiences and extending your reach.

Content repurposing also gives you a second chance at promoting your content and ensures that visitors who missed your content the first time around have a chance of seeing it in round two, or three.

In part 1 of this series, we will cover off three of the ways that Advisors can repurpose in order to get the most mileage out of their content marketing.

Content Repurposing Types


If you are not feeding your content into an e-newsletter, then you’re missing out on a way to save yourself a lot of work while also furthering your content investment along the way. Pushing out your content to your client and prospect list is a content must.  E-Newsletters are one of the easiest ways that Advisors can repurpose their content in an effective and easy way in order to engage their audience.

Advisors can actually send out an e-newsletter full of already existing content. Advisors can provide their content in their e-newsletters in its entirety, or offer a quick summary with a link to the original article on your website. E-Newsletters deliver high quality content right to your clients and prospects inboxes, while also driving traffic to your website.


Visual content is not only easier and faster for the human brain to process, but it is also a great way to generate more engagement. An Infographic is a great way to present processes, statistics and other content that lends itself to more visual presentation. If you have existing content that explains a topic in a step-by-step way, shows a process, or has some interesting statistics and analysis, think about how you can present this content as a visual story.


Repurpose your blog content into an eBook. You can create eBooks by compiling all of the blog posts you’ve written about a certain topic and add additional components such as a table of contents and images to each article. Ebooks are considered to be high-value pieces since they usually include more detail then blog posts. When offering an eBook, you may be able to collect visitor information in exchange for access. Ebooks are a great way for Advisors to collect information from prospects visiting their website.

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