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The ONE Word to Never Use on LinkedIn

I cruise Linkedin on a daily basis. It has been a great source or project leads for me and I absolutely think anyone who is doing any sort of business should be on it. If used correctly, it could be one of the single most effective tools in getting new business.

When you scroll through Linkedin, for every great-looking, professional profile, there are 5 with misspellings and inappropriate photos. And then there is that word people put in their job titles that just drives me nuts. ASPIRING.

Do you know what “aspiring” means when it comes to your job title? It means you WANT to be, but you are NOT.

Who made me a writer? It wasn’t my college degree. There’s no “writer’s association” that deems someone a writer. I simply have always been good at it, I’ve done it for years, and many moons ago, I decided I wanted to do it full time. So guess what? BOOM. I’m a writer. Just like that.

Imagine yourself as someone seeking to hire an actor, singer, chef…whatever! You dive into your Linkedin contacts. Who are you going to hire? The ASPIRING Chef? The ASPIRING Actress? The ASPIRING Guitarist? Of course not!

Why not title yourself EXACTLY what you want to be? Do you feel you aren’t ready? You need more time to practice? Nonsense.

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I recently saw an amazing episode of Shark Tank. It featured a woman named Trina Barkouras and her company, Hoppy Paws.

She blew the sharks away with her knockout product how prepared she was. All in just 90 days. The most common statement the sharks hear is that people would love to be on Shark Tank, but they’re just not ready. Well, Trina clearly puts those thoughts to shame. Read why Mark Cuban dubbed her “The Beast”.

The moral of the story is this. The only person holding you back from holding your dream job title is YOU. You are no longer “aspiring.” Step up and just BE.