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What Can be Learned From WATCH Ads About Promoting Ourselves


What Can be Learned From WATCH Ads About Promoting Ourselves

They say a clock, even if it is broken, is at least correct twice a day. Some would argue that’s more often daily than some people are right. But when does it LOOK its best?

Huh? Let me explain.

As book authors, we need to get the word out about our work. That often involves public speaking. Gulp! Television, YouTube, radio, face-to-face book signings and speaking engagements are channels of distribution for us. There is no denying that there are potential readers out there who may not know us – but yet want to hear our story. And therefore they are prospects for our books as well as our brand. If they like us, there is a good chance they’ll buy from us.

So, it is HIGH TIME we took a look at our image and some of the ways we come across. Before I get into it, however, do you know why watch (and clock) ads usually show the time on their face as around 10:10? I would say in about 95% of the cases, this is the time shown. Why is that? I will get to it, eventually.

When do you LOOK your best?

“I’m not a morning person,” some people insist. Others swear they’re not really awake until they’ve had a cup of coffee. As someone who doesn’t drink coffee, I find that incomprehensible. And I have yet to be convinced otherwise. But I digress.

If you are one who gets a five o’clock shadow, for example, you may want to think twice about presenting in the early evening. Most people understand – and to some, that look is attractive (I guess it depends on who your target market is). But if it isn’t becoming and it matters (for example, if you work for Unilever, which owns Dollar Shave Club), you may want to find a way to clean up beforehand.

Many of us have heard the advice to not wear certain patterns and colors on TV. Here are some more tips about what – or what not – to wear. Trust me, the most important thing to wear is a smile.

When do you FEEL your best?

When do you have the most energy? Take that into consideration. But if you are nervous – a stimulant like coffee – may not be the answer to getting you “up” for the occasion.

People are used to being entertained on television. TV has set the bar very high. And viewers can change channels very quickly. It is important to be animated and interesting, not lethargic and dull. Enthusiasm sells.  


When do you SOUND your best?

I once heard an interview with Billy Joel when he had a raspy voice. He was pretty gravelly. If you have a shortage of saliva in the morning, for instance, you might want to consider drinking plenty of water before you go on, then having a glass or cup of it nearby when you present.

I’m not sure if I’m the only one that has noticed but it seems as if neither of the two main presidential candidates smile much. That could be contributing to their UNFAVORABILITY ratings.

Speaking of smiling, the reason why clocks generally show the time of 10:10 (or 10:08 in some instances) is (I have read) that it is the time that looks most like a smiley face.

So when you are on TV or YouTube – or even on the radio or telephone – smile. It makes you more likable 🙂

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