What Does Google Know About You?

TheBestVPN , a review site, took a look at all of the information Google knows about you . From your locations visited to your personal contacts and conversations, Google’s tentacles reach far and wide, which is why many users who value their privacy have made the effort to delete their personal data from the internet–or at least have found ways to prevent Google from tracking their online activity.

So, how exactly does Google track you? The tech giant relies primarily on its own apps and proprietary ad space to do so. By storing the data you provide in your search queries and everyday online activities, Google can make educated guesses about your interests, which it then recycles to you in the form of targeted ads.

To give you an idea of how comprehensive Google’s network is, here are a few of the Google apps we use on a daily basis and what they track:

  • Google Chrome: Your browser history and websites visited
  • Google Search: Your search queries
  • Gmail: All of your contacts, emails sent/received and email conversations
  • Ads: The ads you’ve clicked on and topics you’re interested in
  • Google Photos: People and/or places you’ve tagged
  • Google Fit: Your personal fitness levels and goals
  • Google Maps: Locations you’ve visited or searched
  • Youtube: Videos you’ve watched, liked and uploaded
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    Google has managed to integrate itself into every facet of our day-to-day lives. But there are ways to circumvent the mega corporation’s tracking methods. Here are just a few:

  • Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Use private browsing
  • Adjust your Google privacy settings
  • Turn off location reporting
  • Use a different browser and search engine
  • Delete your Google accounts
  • To learn more about how Google tracks you–and how you can put an end to it–check out the infographic below: