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5 Simple Digital PR Hacks That Will Pump Up Your Sales Instantly

Written by: Stella Lincoln Digital PR, in a modern way, has gained a lot of attention from the business sector to amplify their product sales . Why not, it can be used to procure a great relationship between the customer and the dealer! Digital PR is all about combining traditional PR with content marketing , social media and search : transforming static news into conversations and bypassing media to speak directly to your target audience online. The spreading of news is further and faster and targets a specific audience. It allows for the maximization of news as compared to before. Since your news is being shared exponentially, there is no need to be satisfied with a single placement.But how do you amplify your sales using digital PR, read on below to find 5 simple digital PR hacks to pump up your sales instantly.

Apply various marketing techniques to increase leads.

There may be numerous visitors on your website but what if it isn’t resulting in any leads. Several marketing hacks to capture leads in an efficient manner includes: Creative popup placement, run a contest or give away, this would increase more leads with people providing their information and gradually into the conversion of them as your customer.Studies say that, ‘It demands more to get a new customer than it does to hold the existing ones'. To acknowledge this, always let the regular customers avail the benefits of exclusive coupons, offers, discounts, e-books or any other means which turns out to be a marketing strategy for your business sales.

Make the best use of influencer marketing.

Use of influencer marketingis a clever marketing hack to gain the trust of your audience by using a face and/or name that they’ll recognize to endorse your business or product. Choosing a perfect influencer to endorse your product would relatively increase your sales as according to a study people completely or somewhat trust the recommendations of friends and family.Related: Empowering Women in the Tech World: Why We Need Them

Make contributions.

Conversations about topics of significance to your market are happening with or without you. Take every opportunity to add your voice to the constant exchange of ideas. This is an effective way to become a thought leader in your area and connect with various people who cover your space. This increases the chances to get hands on a lot of required target audiences. Be active on various social media and on constant personal interaction with potential customers.

Keep things unique.

With an average person being bombarded with hundreds of advertisements every day, there is a cent percent requirement of being different in your advancements and advertisements in order to gain an eye from potential buyers. Finding a way to truly differentiate your business will help your PR efforts enormously. This shouldn’t be confused with being different from the competition. That’s a given, but product differences can be too subtle to be of interest to someone who isn’t shopping right now. What you’re looking, here, is something disruptive, new, risky and exciting which would catch a lot of eyes.

Keep a track of every review

The review from bloggers serves well as potential media coverage. Whether you pro-actively seek coverage or not, your product will probably be reviewed by users anyway.Keep the records of all the reviews you get, from all the websites. For the positive reviews, encourage and communicate the user to continue using the product or service. Also, encourage them to share it with his friends so as to obtain the benefits of more recognition to the business. For all the negative reviews, keep an experienced person who knows how to handle such situations well. Apologize and address the query of the customer and try to resolve it as soon as possible.Try these tips and see how it works out in your case, you will achieve great heights in your business.For better and professional help with your digital PR, you can also hire a good digital PR agency matching your needs. The agency could look at the public relations part with its already established influencer and media relationships. PRchitectsis a digital PR and marketing agency which would help your company scale new heights with over 100+ million social influencer reach.If you are a start-up, initially do not focus only on sales but more on building a customer base, instant sales does not imply any guarantee for better future sales. In conclusion, do not confuse digital marketing with sprint it’s a marathon. It does not take a lot of money to launch an effective PR strategy for your start-up, but it does take intention and action. Give these low-cost, low-risk steps a try today and see your sales go up in no time.Stella Lincoln is the mother of two lovely kids. She holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing. Stella is currently working as a business marketing tutor at Crowd Writer. The author loves to read classic literature, and her favorite author is William Shakespeare. She updates her own blog Educator House reflecting golden words of her favorites.