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Are Your Devices Just Toys?


Are Your Devices Just Toys?

My mother has a love-hate relationship with technology.

She worked in technology during the era where proficiency in DOS mattered far more than it does today. So, in her mind, she understands tech.

Recently, she likened the iPhone to a “toy” during a bout of frustration with it.

In my response to her, I was forced to take note of all that these tiny glass covered rectangles can do.

How often do you consider the vast number of tasks these devices can accomplish?

  • tell us the weather
  • bring us our “mail”
  • connect us to the vast repository of all of the world’s information known as the internet
  • summon vehicles
  • summon food
  • give us endless options of shopping
  • play music and videos
  • store thousands of books
  • broadcast live video
  • allow us to chat face-to-face over video with people in other countries instantaneously
  • locate our exact position on earth and give us directions to any other place on earth
  • cats…all the cats.

…and that is just the start.

We are living in an era where we are more empowered to do things than ever before. Yet, sometimes, it doesn’t feel that way.

  • Instead of socializing in person, we like, comment and share.
  • Instead of going to the grocery store and seeing a neighbor, we instacart for dinner.
  • Instead of wondering and thinking, we find the answer instantaneously.
  • Instead of spending time together, we spend our time together…looking at our phones.

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It’s not all good. It’s not all bad. It’s just interesting that only 10 years ago, things were noticeably different.

In a way, mom is wrong, these devices are incredible, capable of virtually anything it seems. But in another way, mom is right, these are just toys to occupy us.

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