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Learn About How to Get Tons of YouTube Subscribers Using a Bot


Written by: Gary Wilson

Getting noticed by YouTube’s search engine is a dream many uploaders are chasing, and there are several ways to boost your chances of making it happen. The traditional advice is always to boost your subscriber numbers, as the more people who actively follow you the more popular you seem.

But what can you do if this just isn’t happening for you, or if despite adding great content and asking playlists, cross promoting and running giveaways the progress is still painfully slow? It can take way too long to grow those numbers organically, but one possible option is to cheat a little; to give yourself a helping hand by using a bot to make these important subscriber numbers swell.

If this sounds appealing keep reading for tips on how to do this.

YouTube disapprove

Whatever your motivations for using a bot to boot subscriber numbers it is worth remembering that YouTube’s rules do actually say it’s not allowed. If they catch you the consequences for your future on the site could be less than rosy, but that’s a risk you have to weigh up and decide on yourself.

Other options exist to artificially boost your subscriber numbers – you could bribe people for example, but those approaches are generally or costly so here we look just at the topic of using bots.

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What does a bot do?

Basically it’s like a piece of automated software that lurks around in the background and does what you ask it to. They are generally used on this platform to generate likes or subscriptions, or to make comments, which happens automatically once something is published to your channel.

The aim is to make your video look popular, providing proof that it is worth YouTube boosting it, and promoting it to others.

It’s fairly easy to set up your own bot as there are plenty of beginner’s tutorials on the internet! If you choose to buy one it shouldn’t be expensive, and there are usually ads around if you look.

Not only that but there are many free YouTube Subscriber bot available for you to use. If you’re just starting out then you’ll probably want to check these out.

Take it slowly

Perhaps the most important advice for anyone determined to risk using bots to increase subscriber numbers is not to rush it. Invest the time and effort to create and run a ‘low volume’ bot, as this will be harder for YouTube filters to detect as it behaves much more like a human being than cheap versions do.

The poorest quality bots are legion in numbers but they share IPs, use obviously fake data and are painfully easy to detect.

Ultimately the way bots are detected is down to thing like subscribing to a channel but never watching or liking anything, which automatically makes things look strange. YouTube don’t reward subscriber numbers in isolation – they are looking for genuinely well made, engaging content which is, funny, useful or helpful in some way.

So if you must choose to use bots do it properly, and as realistically as possible.

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