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How to Make Your Marketing Dollars Work Harder


How to Make Your Marketing Dollars Work Harder

In the past, marketing has been hard to track and therefore, has been pushed to the side for many professionals. But in today’s age of retargeting, email tracking, and more you can have a strong understanding of who you are marketing to and get the most bang for your marketing buck. Let’s look at a few ways you can distill your marketing strategies down to be more efficient and trackable.

First, you need to establish who you want to target. Then, you can implement some analytical strategies to make your marketing dollars work harder and produce more results.

Who Do You Want to Attract?

This is a key question that drives marketing success because as you develop your materials, you will want to craft messages that appeal to your target market. Ask yourself the following questions to get started:

  • Who are my best clients?
  • How old are they? What are their interests?
  • Where do they work? How much is their household income?
  • How can I attract similar business?
  • What kind of content do these markets consume?
  • What questions can I answer for these audiences?

Personas are the lynchpin of your marketing and help you establish who you want to connect with. For example, your ideal client might be a 55-year-old male who works in a white collar profession and has $750,000 of investable assets. His primary concerns are saving for retirement, saving for a private school education for his two children, and traveling to Europe next summer. Identifying this client is the start of developing your first persona and figuring out who you really want to market to. Creating content to answer questions that this ideal client may have will help you attract a similar audience.

Once you know who you want to target, let’s look at how you can make sure your strategies are hitting the mark.


Retargeting is a form of online advertising that follows your audience even after they have left your website. Most website visitors don’t convert during the first visit, but through retargeting you can stay in front of your audience and hopefully direct them back to schedule an appointment or reach out.

Retargeting works by adding a piece of code, often called a “pixel” to the back end of your website. This code allows you to cookie visitors and as they move around the web, the cookie will tell you where to place your retargeted ads. These ads could be on search engines, social media, other websites, and more.

Marketers often turn to retargeted ads because it focuses your ad spend on people who have already visited your site and demonstrated some sort of interest. Because of this, you can both know who you are targeting and track the right audience for you. Retargeting works best when used in conjunction with other inbound and outbound marketing strategies.

Email Tracking

Another great way to know who you are targeting is to study your email analytics to see what emails gain traction and who is opening them. Most email providers allow you to see statistics such as open rates, click through rates, who opens which emails, and more. Using this information, you can easily do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

Google Analytics

Your website should be integrated with Google Analytics, the leading website data provider. With Google Analytics, you can track who is visiting your website, where they are coming from, what they are doing on your site, and more. The three main things you need to know are:

  • How much traffic is coming to my site?
  • Who is that traffic made up of?
  • What are those visitors doing?

Financial advisors looking to make their marketing dollars work harder should analyze the data they gather and make practical changes to their content strategies (check out this case study we did for a financial advisor using Google Analytics).

Marketing can seem like an uphill battle without tangible results, but luckily there are ways to track your performance and make adjustments as necessary. By developing your personas, retargeting your ads, and tracking your email and website analytics, you can make sure your marketing dollars are performing to the best of their ability!

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