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It’s Time to Take Social Media and Digital Marketing off the “Back Burner”


It's Time to Take Social Media and Digital Marketing off the "Back Burner"

Some businesses are STILL putting social media and digital marketing on the back burner.

The world has undeniably changed and it continues to change at a rapid pace.  I wouldn’t be the only one to contend that it is a bad idea to wait any longer.

So, today, for those still holding out, I’m going to provide several ideas of things that can be setup in under 2 hours (and for a relatively small sum of money) that can get a business off the sidelines and into the game.

Before we begin…

Consider the past five years alone.

  • We have seen internet usage skyrocket.
  • We have seen mobile usage and app culture redefine what the internet actually is.
  • We have seen the dramatic rise of smartphones and tablets.
  • We have seen a steep increase in the number of blogs on the internet.
  • We have seen the birth (and death) of a multitude of social networks.
  • We have seen a rise in e-commerce at the same time as the continued struggle of brick and mortar retail.

These are not just changes, these are trends.  These trends show little signs of slowing down.

  • Internet usage will continue to climb.
  • Social tools will continue to become more and more a part of everyday life.
  • More people will own an internet and app enabled mobile device…most likely several different devices.
  • Content will continue to be created at a staggering frequency.

The majority of people have embraced social media and whether or not each activity is directly ROI-related is irrelevant.  The truth is that this is a shift in how we communicate and find information.

One can’t help but wonder when these businesses that are holding out on social will join the party?

Waiting for…

One of the things I’ve heard over and over is something that resembles: “we’re going to wait until…”

We talk to people all of the time, who seem to be waiting for the right amount of budget, the right set of circumstances, or perhaps a formalized invitation the Internet.

What’s funny is that this sort of hesitation does not exist in virtually every other area of business.

Even if a business has basic computing needs, or is a novice in technology, it doesn’t wait to get a computer.

Even if a business has no intention of cold calling, it doesn’t wait to get a phone.

Even if a business doesn’t sell products online it doesn’t hold out to get a website or email address.

You don’t have to make a big splash to get in the pool

So rather than waiting for perfect, here are a few things that any business can do to get into the game.

1.  B2B Businesses: Get found

If you’re in B2B, make sure that each employee has a well constructed Linkedin Profile and start connecting to people (prospects, clients, friends, family, etc). Make sure it includes a profile photo, a good headline, a 200-500 word summary, and at least 2 previous jobs in the work history.  This should take less than 2 hours.  It’s a start.

If you need help, we can help you create a dynamite profile.

2.  Do a little listening.

Setup Google Alerts for your company and your competitors.  This will notify you of any new search results about your company and competitors. This should take 10-15 minutes.

Next go to Twitter search and type the name of your company, competitors, products names, or other relevant keywords.  Check Yelp reviews, check YouTube, check Facebook. Now you know what’s being said.

3.  Get found locally.

If you’re a local business, run a scan of your local web presence by going to  This will tell you how you are represented across 50+ different local listing sites.  If the results of the scan bother you, you can use Yext to fix it.  We are a reseller and can give you a lower price than they offer…you’re welcome.

We also have a relationship with Synup, a competing service. Check that out too.

What do I mean by “relationship?” I’ve got the CEO, Ash, on speed dial…good enough?

4.  Lock down your username/brand.

Go to and run a search for your company name.  For $70 you can scoop up your username on the 25 most popular sites, for $349 you get 150 sites.  Now no one else can claim it, so when you finally do “get in the game,” you’ll have the right, branded username.

5. Write a little something.

Open up a word document and write something about your industry.  This should be commentary about a recent trend, the answer to a frequently asked question, or a helpful tip for your prospect or client.

If you like it, publish it on your site.  If you don’t, save it, come back another day and write another one.

If you’re stuck, trying answering a question you are frequently asked, or just record audio of yourself and get it transcribed on for $5.


I’ve been told it takes 21 days to form a new habit.  Companies that hold out on social are already in the habit of doing nothing.  To change that, all it takes a small steps each day in a new direction.

There’s so much more

So many companies freak out about their SEO, worrying themselves sick competing for the precious first 6 spots, and yet they ignore all of the opportunities to get in front of those same people elsewhere.

I’ve seen companies burn through budget on printed ads, but ignore their email marketing.

I’ve seen them waste months setting up Salesforce, but ignore creating sales resources.

I’ve seen companies spend thousands creating a video for their website, and then not a single dime using social ads to get it in front of the right people.

No more, I say! It’s time to take social media and all digital marketing OFF of the “back burner.”

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