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The Biggest Changes Coming to Web Design in 2018


The Biggest Changes Coming to Web Design in 2018

With 75% of people judging your credibility based on how your website looks, good web design isn’t optional; it’s a necessity. Your website design helps set your site apart from others and serves as an important aspect of your company’s branding, and if you’re not keeping up with the latest web design trends, your site will quickly begin to look outdated.

Website design trends in 2018 can be applied to many forms of design beyond just your website, such as graphic for your social media accounts, as all social media platforms become increasingly more media-heavy.

Though tools like Canva and Animoto allow you to create images and videos quickly and easily, if you don’t have someone on your team who specializes in graphic design, you might want to consider outsourcing the work to a freelancer or white label agency.

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Website Design Trends of 2018

In 2018, web and graphic design trends are going to break the boundaries of safe and simple. Here are some of the biggest trends coming for website design.

Vibrant Colors

Vibrant hues and bright gradients started to make a comeback in 2017, and are continuing to do so with regards to web design trends in 2018.

Designers are expected to be bolder when it comes to their color choices, including supersaturated colors and vibrant clashing shades to catch their audience’s attention. Improvements in technology have allowed screens to reproduce richer colors and made this website design trend possible.

In addition, many brands have begun utilizing duotone in their designs, and this graphic design trend is expected to grow to greater heights in 2018.

Modern Retro Art & Custom Graphics

In 2017, we saw a lot of images and typography with nods to 80’s and 90’s influences, such as pixelated images. To be sure, retro art with a modern twist was huge in 2017.

This trend will continue in 2018. With regards to images and illustrations, today’s sleek modern vectors tend to be displayed and combined with throwback colors.

Many brands (especially those known for being fun and energetic) will continue to utilize custom illustrations and animations, created specifically for their websites, to delight visitors and inspire interaction. Brands considered to be more serious can also jump in on the fun, making them seem more “approachable.”

In line with this web design trend in 2018, we’ll see more website backgrounds with a retro feel to them, courtesy of creative patterns that have an old-school wallpaper feel.

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Bold Elements & Isometric Design

2018 will see brands growing bolder in their design. We can expect an upswing in typography that intersects with bold elements, such as shapes and graphics, as well as more isometric designs (a way of representing three-dimensional objects in two dimensions).

In another attempt at boldness, web design trends in 2018 will also feature split-page design, which is an evolution of the stale (singular) hero image design concept. With a split-page design, designers have the opportunity to truly experiment with different images and color combinations.

The Biggest Web Design Trends in 2018

What else is coming in 2018? Check out all of the latest web design trends:

  1. Intersecting elements
  2. Duotone and double exposure
  3. Retro-modern illustrations
  4. Creative background patterns
  5. Bright gradients
  6. Thoughtful animations
  7. Isometric design
  8. Split page design
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