The Secret Ingredients to ‘Marketing Sauce'

If you’re reading this, you think that I probably have the secret recipe for the ‘marketing sauce.’

Well, I don’t have that recipe, but I can tell you that it takes more than one ingredient to get noticed. That is the reality of marketing a business today thanks to the internet and SEO. I’ve had numerous conversations through the years with independent financial advisors about what they are doing to market themselves. Many times they’re missing the ingredients they need in order to have success marketing their business. Some may have been led astray by agencies, most have limited resources (people and money), and many don’t have the first idea how to market themselves because they’re financial advisors not marketing experts. The main ingredients always need to be infused with MarTech to work. If you still are unsure what MarTech is, it’s the means to solving your marketing problems through technology:

Your website.

Although this one is most obvious, look for MarTech website providers that allow you to update the website daily, weekly, or monthly yourself or through the use of an outside agency to do it for you. If you can’t change the information (namely a blog, video, or podcast) on the website, it’s already outdated by SEO standards. More changeable parts and frequent changes will produce more traffic as long as you’re leading people to it through update deployments. The website provider may have their own means of delivery, or look for a provider that allows secondary software to be integrated.

Your content.

Content contains many things in addition to the language or message of your website. Guess what? Saying the same words in the same way day after day doesn’t do anything for you…you’re all ‘wealth managers’, trusted financial advisors, delivering financial planning and so on. But what makes you different is how many ways you provide that content and how often. Think original content first, then blogging, podcasting, videos, newsletters, and social media. All content ingredients should have some delivery mechanism behind them, or they are doing NOTHING FOR YOU.

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Social Media.

You must participate to draw attention to yourself buy reposting and positioning yourself as an expert. LinkedIn recently changed its policy on content creation within their platform, but link posting has remained unchanged and is still one way to drive traffic if you’re posting content digitally by linking to LinkedIn . Facebook and Twitter are where most of your prospects may be hanging out individually, but don’t forget social groups on all three platforms as a target (entrepreneurs, doctor groups, etc.)

I know it’s a lot, but it takes ALL of these ingredients to make marketing sauce. Big companies may have more resources to effectively market, but you can mirror them by using multiple MarTech solutions , agencies, or contractors this year in 2018 to increase traffic to you and your brand.