Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Marketing Team Efficiency

Written by: Bethany Tate Artificial intelligence (AI) is being integrated more and more into customer experience to help marketers find out what their customers will want. Predictive technology can make digital marketing an extremely effective method of reaching audiences. Here, we’ll explore ways we can use AI to improve the efficiency of your marketing team.

Optimization and Personalization

Marketing today is focused on personalizing messages and giving all consumers a one-to-one approach. The return on investment of a marketing campaign is greatly improved when using AI like strong analytics, CRM and the use of social data. This allows an approach that can produce, understand and identify the need for customized messages. To do this, you must understand your customers and their needs, to truly tailor the right message to each person. That’s where AI comes in, to make sure that each interaction the customer has holds true value.


Lena Klein, a tech writer at Australia2Write, explains that “because of predictive analysis using machine leaning, marketers can try out new ideas quicker and find the ones that work best. This means that AI can help marketers innovate quicker than the competitors.”

AI and Human Collaboration

The best results are undoubtedly achieved thanks to collaboration between humans and machines. Consider combining your skilled marketing team with the newest AI technology to be able to maximize your results. AI can collect and process data and your marketers can leverage those insights into new strategies. We all know the benefits of AI with data extraction, but the true revolution will come when humans can maximize the results they obtain and how to best harness AI.


AI tools allow for handling and process A/B testing of advertisements to save your company both time and money. It also helps you produce the best ad content by using machine learning algorithms. The budget can be split across many avenues via AI to maximize your return on investment. You can also collect and use information on customer behavior for targeted ads in the future.


AI software can be constantly running A/B testing in the background for every possible variable, including the creative variables. The results come in much quicker than human-run A/B testing because AI can use every tiny piece of information to make accurate predictions. AI technology helps you to use digital creative tools to focus on your one-to-one communication. This happens within seconds and on a large scale for all your customers, so that your marketing team can start the conversation with their consumers in a personalized way.


Chatbots is an AI tool that’s becoming more and more popular in customer experience and marketing, and handles client interactions at an individual level. Chatbots are a cost-effective option to handle customer service questions of a less complex nature. Some companies are even using chatbots to handle social media postings automatically, each and every day. Jean Doyle, a journalist at Brit Student, says that “the chatbot can predict which stories are more popular and which ones need more promotion. With the chatbot working on the marketing of stories, the human team members can focus on creative tasks beyond the capability of AI.”

Data-Based Decisions

AI technology-based analytics systems give marketers all the information needed for them to take data-driven decisions. Historical data is analyzed as well as competitors’ data and any digital touchpoints. Then, the AI software tells marketers what’s working best and what isn’t working. The data is crunched and packaged in an understandable way to then develop the next steps.

Segmentation of Audience

AI software allows marketers to run digital advertising campaigns by segmenting the viewers based on a number of factors like profession, interests, gender, income, age, and education. Customers will receive targeted information and can see only the items most interesting to them on their smart devices. AI tools are the best way to assure that you’re reaching the right people with your marketing efforts at the right time and place.Using AI tools is a great way to get more efficient marketing, and more and more companies are adopting this type of software. These are just a few of the reasons to boost your digital advertising efforts to maximize your marketing budget.Bethany Tate, a content marketing professional with PhD Kingdom, shares her marketing strategies and digital advertisement tips with her readers. She focuses on helping clients boost their brand identity and get a bigger customer base. She also writes content for Next Coursework.Related: Are Electronic Signatures Legally Binding?