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10 Questions Advisors Must Consider Before Podcasting


10 questions advisors must consider before podcasting: 

  1. Why are podcasts so big right now?
  2. Why should advisors consider hosting a podcast?
  3. What should be the objective for advisors hosting podcasts?
  4. How can a podcast impact your focus on women?
  5. If I am seriously considering this what do I need to know?
  6. How do I go about preparing for a podcast?
  7. What would make me a great host?
  8. What are the most common mistakes when launching a podcast?
  9. What is the downside of hosting a podcast?
  10. How can I make this easy? What can I outsource?

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“Podcasts are one of the most incredible financial advisor marketing tools ever. It’s better, and will endure longer, than the “seminar marketing craze”. Podcasting has many benefits and opportunities. It’s a must-have advisor marketing tool.” ~ Matt Halloran, Podcast Guru at Top Advisor Marketing

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