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3 Must Have Marketing Tools for Advisors to Engage More Women Clients


3 Must Have Marketing Tools for Advisors to Engage More Women Clients

You find that most of your clients are actually women. You love helping the women in your book of business and they love what you do for them. They appreciate your gentle style and ability to communicate with them, which helps to build a trusting relationship. Without even trying women are referred to you, yet nothing in your message brand or website speaks women.

If you are already getting referrals from women can you imagine what would happen if you actively pursued this market?  If you could package and share what you do for women in a way that reaches out and connects with all women eloquently and consistently? Can you imagine the impact this would have on growing your business? Let’s just say all your processes and systems better be ready.

There is no better market today that can exponentially grow your business faster than the women’s market.  Women are craving to be heard, appreciated and educated and odds are you already do that, but without sitting down with you face to face how does a woman know that?

There are just three simple yet powerful tools that can totally enhance your marketing efforts and actively engage more women to come in and meet with you:

1. A personal story why women are important to you.  

That story needs to be clear concise, totally authentic to make an impact.  You can’t just ramble on you will lose their interest, nor can it be too short lacking in substance. The length will depend on the depth of your story and it must be crystal clear.  

2. You must have a way of integrating women into your compelling message and your message must be about them not you. 

Regardless who your “female tribal market” is, your message will resonate with every woman you meet as well as intrigue every man you encounter. Describing who she is starting with a compliment, sharing the stage of life she is in and identifying the issues she is concerned about.

This approach is fresh, different and captures to the interest of almost everyone you speak with. Even if they don’t fit this profile they are automatically thinking about someone who does, that’s how referrals get inspired. 

3. Your process must address the issues most relevant to women. 

While you continue to provide the same value using the same planning and investment strategy your three key solutions must be packaged in a way that speaks her language and addresses her concerns. 

There are many ways to talk about your planning process that will resonate with a woman’s typical desire to not become a bag lady, for example: Lifetime Income Plan, Personal Spending Plan. Name that process, own it, and make it your own. Even your investment strategy should be reflective of what is important to your market. Also, make sure to eliminate technical, financial terms that provide no connection and only sound good to you.

Become intentional about women, turn your natural talents into a purpose and process that creates a surge of growth and referrals.

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