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Marketing to Women

Advisors: 5 Tips to Communicating That Women Love


Advisors all know the importance of marketing but what they may not know is women want a different style of communication.

It doesn’t matter if we are talking about nurture emails or social media posts women want something different than what most advisors are providing.

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5 tips to effective communication that women love. . .

  1. Women want to be inspired;  Long boring white papers turns them off. Women want to know that each time they open your email or see your post they will feel a tiny bit empowered.
  2. Women want to be challenged;  Women don’t want you telling them what to do and how to think, they want you asking questions that get them to think.
  3. Women want to be engaged, drawn into a conversation; Women learn from each other and love when you provide fun easy ways for them to interact. Sharing simple quizzes that test their financial confidence can be highly effective.
  4. Women want it to be personal; Women learn from real stories, yours and the stories of other women and their personal experiences. Personal stories creates an inclusive environment and lets women feel like they are not alone.
  5. Women want it short and quick; If they know your email and post will be long they may never open it. They want snippets of information that have a positive impact. They don’t want content that creates fear and uncertainty.

To have a positive impact on the world of women you must adhere become more engaging and interactive, expanding your presence and credibility in the world of women.

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