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6 Steps to THRIVING as a Female Advisor


6 Steps to THRIVING as a Female Advisor

In order to get more female advisors to achieve success we must change the way they DO business.

Most women who have succeeded have done so by conforming to the industry standards using methods that have worked well for men but do not necessarily work for most women, those women who have made it,  through networking groups and mentorship programs are reinforcing these same methods continuing the same cycle.

Most women (not all) who have achieved success have done so by persevering and surviving, it is rare to find a woman who is THRIVING.

There are typically 6 steps to redefining the way you as a woman do business and creating a business model where women truly THRIVE.

6 Steps to THRIVING as a Female Advisor

  1. Understand your purpose – Really understand why you are a financial advisor and who you are passionate about helping. This becomes the foundation to everything you do.
  2. Relish your Uniqueness – Just because something hasn’t been done doesn’t mean it CAN’T be done.  Don’t use the industry as your guide, follow your heart and what gets you excited.  When your peers are looking at you funny odds are you are doing something RIGHT.
  3. Embrace Your Value – Start recognizing what you do well on a daily basis. Don’t beat yourself up for what didn’t get done, stay focused on the compliments you get, embrace them, own them.
  4. Question Tradition – Just because things have been done a certain way question EVERYTHING using your female filter.  Realize that you as a woman are different and may need to do things a different way.  Different is GOOD.
  5. Build your Network – Stay connected to women who also recognize it’s time to break out and do things differently.  Women who encourage you to try new things, think creatively and leverage your strengths as a female financial advisor.
  6. Attend my Upcoming Webinar – Most female financial advisors are looking for ways to differentiate themselves from the competition…as a woman you are already different! Register here:

To help women succeed we need to turn the business model on it’s head and start totally fresh, redefining the way business should be built as a woman.

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