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A One-on-One Presentation that Women Adore


A One-on-One Presentation that Women Adore

Building immediate trust with a woman is the key to building a highly productive and mutually successful client relationship. 

The foundation to that relationship begins in your very first meeting.  Whether she was a participant from your event, a referral from friend or client or perhaps you met her while networking, during that first meeting she needs to know you care about her, she wants to understand WHY you do what you do and you must be able to validate your commitment to helping her as a woman.

Financial advisors are notorious for sharing one-on-one presentations that are filled with stodgy language, technical verbiage, lots of statistics (boring) content that is often salesy and self-promoting, all characteristics that turn women off.

And if we are being totally honest most men find these presentations less than appealing as well (excluding engineers).

So how do you share with a woman what you do without drowning her in details?

 How do you present your practice in a way that truly moves the relationship forward?  How do you present your investment philosophy and approach in a way that provides clarity not confusion?

As with any new client appointment 75% of the meeting must be about them.

It’s not just about uncovering what they have but more about who they are.  While most men might come to the meeting with clear financial goals, looking for specific information a woman comes to the meeting unclear as to what the end result will be. In many cases her motivation is more about how she feels and is looking to you to help her identify her issues and goals all of which must be based on her purpose in life.

A successful presentation for a potential female client needs to be personal, it needs to be authentic, it must speak her language and provide the bigger picture as to WHY you do the things that you do. 

She needs to first understand your motivations, next she needs to feel that you are both on the same page and share similar philosophies and principles. Lastly, she needs to understand what is next with a clearly articulated process and what you need from her to move forward.

Your one-on-one presentation is not about educating her but about enhancing your message.

Each page of your presentation must be meaningful yet not overwhelming emphasizing the essence of who you are, what you do and your value.

Example of a One-on-One Presentation for Women that Inspires Action:

1. Title page:  It’s important that the title page is clean and  simple, with a female friendly look and feel. Establish a color scheme that is soft, warm and aesthetically appealing to a woman. Incorporate your “tagline” that exemplifies what you want to accomplish when working with women.  

2. Your Story – Why women: Sharing your story is CRITICAL to earning her respect and appreciation for what you do. DO NOT type your story on the page but simply enhance your story with real pictures that brings your personal story to life.

3. Your Mission: Your mission is simply an extension of your story and in most cases it is the last paragraph in your story, it’s important that they see your mission in writing but keep it SHORT.

4. Common Issues: By focusing on your tribal market you can now verbally share your compelling message which leads to the 3 most common concerns of women you help. The verbiage needs to be what women would actually say not professional phrases that sound good but are not real.

5. Your Process: Based on your compelling intro and three common concerns now you can briefly present your new process for women, while much of what you do is what you have always done we have simply repackaged your “financial plan” and “investment strategy” in a way that appeals to your tribal market of women. The following slides are a breakdown of your 3 step process providing more depth and understanding.

6. Financial Planning: While most of what you do is similar to what you have always done you want to repackage what you do in a way that focuses more on her most common issues and concerns.

7. Investment box (slide 7,8,9): Presenting your Investment approach based on your focus can help create more clarity and understanding from the start. 

8. Investment philosophy: Using three well known clichés that represent your personal attitude to investing sends a powerful message with clear understanding eliminating the need for intense education. 

9. Investment functions: Understanding what the investments are designed to do for your client is more important to them than what is the actual brand or vehicle (Funds, ETF’s, etc) that you select. 

10. Women’s program: This is key and what will set you apart from your peers, whether you plan to host events or simply provide engaging drip marketing specifically designed for women they need to know you have carved out a program that gives women the education they are craving in an environment where they feel comfortable.

11. Next steps: Women are planners, in order to multi-task and manage multiple responsibilities they need to know what is going to be required going forward. Present this with the understanding that women can be easily overwhelmed, make it easy and manageable for her.

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