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A Simple But Brilliant Approach to Generate More Qualified Leads


A Simple But Brilliant Approach to Generate More Qualified Leads

Dear Adri,

I want more referrals and am hosting my first women’s event as a way to get more introductions and referrals from existing clients.  In the past I’ve asked clients to bring a friend but that approach doesn’t seem to generate the quantity and quality of leads I’m looking for. What is the best way to inspire them to actually bring someone that is appropriate for my business? – Looking for qualified referrals

Dear Looking for Qualified Referrals,

First let me congratulate you on having a clear objective for your events; knowing what you want to accomplish allows you to zero in on the best strategy and get better results.

As for referrals you are in luck. Recently on one of my membership calls an advisor shared her approach to getting qualified referrals to her event that was simple but brilliant.

When Bernice called to invite her clients to her women’s event she was very specific and clear who she wanted them to invite. Instead of just saying “bring a friend” she helped them think WHO they should bring. She said “I would love it if you would bring a friend that has recently lost a job, is retiring or recently lost a spouse”. Not only did her clients bring friends, but Bernice walked away with a few great leads and qualified appointments.

You could even take it a step further and use the invite call as a way to build even deeper connections.  You could start the call announcing a new event for women, then explain why this is important to you and share your story “why you care about women.” You can then move onto your mission i.e.; My mission is to help every woman who has lost a spouse…….”  And then zero in on who comes to mind for them at that moment.

Here is a sample script:

The purpose for my call is to invite you to a new event I am launching next month in order to reach more women in our community.

You see I don’t know If you know this about me but….(your story here).

It’s for this reason that I have decided to focus my efforts this year on making sure every woman becomes financially confident so I wanted to invite you and a friend of yours to my event on (date) for lunch at (location).


My event is specifically designed for women who have recently experienced a life changing event, for some it may be retirement, for others divorce or becoming a widow.  It seems every woman knows some woman going through a challenging time. These are the type of women who would gain the most value. Off the top of your head does anyone come to mind?

Well I would love it if you would be one of my guests and if you could bring a friend that you know that has recently gone through a transitional event that would be even better.

So the more you ask for what you want, and the more specific you are with what you need the easier it is for the clients to help out.

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