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Advisors are Making the Switch, and Profiting From it


Advisors are Making the Switch, and Profiting From it

I get it, making the switch is hard but the impact on your business will be AMAZING and totally worth the effort.

 It’s not physically hard it’s often mentally hard, but when you make the shift everything in your business becomes easier.  Your activities will become more purposeful and you will become way more productive and profitable.  Once you can overcome the mental roadblocks, former protocol and embrace this fresh new way of doing business the impact and results are immediate and sustainable. 

I think most advisors agree the old school approach to building a business is just not working like it used to, it’s archaic and antiquated.

 Most advisors I coach recognize that the environment has changed requiring a new approach to building a business. When asked, they too agree they don’t like to be prospected, sold to or closed on so they totally understand why prospects and clients abhor the old methods as well.

But here is the challenge.

While advisors recognize something has to change, when pushed out of the traditional path, when their process acts counterintuitively to what they have been traditionally taught they go right back to the old antiquated habits which leads to slow growth.

Changing your mindset is difficult until you do it.  Even after developing a personal story and unique compelling introduction that is totally authentic to who they are many advisors still struggle to launch.  But the moment an advisor gives this new message and process a try, the reaction from others is so powerful and positive that the rest is history.

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There are three essential components to take this leap of faith.

  1. Tribal marketing has become essential in today’s social media world, even a target market is less than effective. Tribal markets can cross demographic groups, genders and professions; it’s not about what they do it’s about who they are.  Tribal marketing is personal and authentic. It allows you to make powerful connections which magnetically attracts more of your ideal client.
  2. Your personal story is the number one tool to building trust. Without a personal story to validate your focus, prospective clients will continue to question your motives leaving a small avenue of doubt which can erode even the best of relationships. Prospects and clients want to know WHY you care about them as such your story will dramatically enhance their desire to work with you.
  3. Your compelling message becomes the basis to your brand. Once developed your compelling message can be woven into any conversation. You can use it as a powerful introduction or integrate smaller components into conversations, intriguing everyone to want to learn more.  By using your compelling introduction, the clarity and brevity of what you say will intrigue, inspire and leave a clear and lasting memory as to who you are and what you do with everyone you meet.   

The world is changing rapidly creating a whole new environment that craves sincerity, authenticity and transparency. 

By embracing a new approach to building a successful financial practice that focuses more on ATTRACTING business (rather than chasing business) you will position yourself for accelerated growth leading the industry to changes that are long overdue.   

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