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Marketing to Women

This Advisor’s Business Growth is Off the Charts and the Answer is SO Simple


“I have so much business coming in and I’m having too much fun I’m almost feeling guilty!!”

Amy is kicking butt with her business and she has never worked less. No really, it seems the less she works the more business seems to come in the door.

So what created the shift for this advisor?

She found her purpose and then she gave herself permission to do everything her way.

She is now opening a brand new office, decorating in a tiffany box style and getting so many offers to speak at women’s events all at the same time.  Everywhere she goes people are talking about her.

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So how did it really all happen?

  1. Like I said she made a commitment to working with women and decided to do it her way.
  2. She used her new compelling message and personal story “why women” as the source of her recent interviews with local periodicals that made a BIG hit.
  3. She has stopped prospecting and started sharing her excitement about her new women focused practice with everyone she meets.

That’s it folks. Amy is a perfect example of what can happen with your business when you rediscover your true purpose and passion as a financial advisor.

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