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Marketing to Women

Advisors: How to Create A Unique Presentation that Attracts More Women



Most financial seminars for women are boring, technical and still follow a more masculine model.While the content of many seminars is changing they are still focused on products and services and rarely ever truly engage the audience, an essential component to seminars, events and workshops for women.

In addition to being typically dry and boring content the presentations rarely if ever, reinforces your values nor does it promote your practice in a proprietary way. The impact is less interest, fewer attendees and poor results. But there is another option that can be fun, effective and totally yours.

Any advisor can create a highly compelling proprietary workshop that attracts more women and inspires more business. Workshops for women do NOT have to be a compliance nightmare but create a fabulous opportunity to engage, and connect with women while highlighting your value without being pushy, salesy or overly stodgy and professional. A workshop for women should focus more on issues relevant to women, with a more narrow educational focus while creating an environment that get’s women talking, during and AFTER your presentation.

You do NOT need a PowerPoint to create a great workshop for women, you simply need a topic and 3 key points. From that point the creation is easy and it can be totally focused on what you do and your unique value. The key really understanding why you are hosting this presentation, what you as an advisor want to accomplish and then how you will go about creating momentum that motivates women to take action with you.

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