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Advisors Must Tread Carefully, the Gender Game Has Changed


Advisors Must Tread Carefully, the Gender Game Has Changed

The surge of sexual harassment cases is heightening the need for femX advisors.  Women are less tolerant than ever before and to just assume your female clients are happy is ludicrous. 

If you think just being a nice person is enough to attract and retain your female clients, you may be highly mistaken. 

Today’s woman is more discerning. You must assume the moment a woman meets you she will be scrutinizing everything you say and do. 

Women notice everything and have become leery as to why you are interested in them. 

Even though you are not the source of this distrust, you must make a concerted effort to change this toxic perception.  

The majority of male advisors respect women especially those they love, it is the small percentage that has tainted the well and forced a change on an industry that was mired in egos.  

Advisors, you can’t just tell women you respect and appreciate them – they need to see it, feel it experience it. 

This issue can not be fixed with a new script, it requires a shift in how you present your practice, communicate with women incorporating a process that speaks women — We call this femXing your practice! 

By femXing your practice you can immediately:

  • Attract more positive attention from women and appeal to the men that love them
  • Inspire more referrals by converting all your female clients into a loyal client raving fan.

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The femX process not only repositions you as a trusting advisor for women but also gives you the opportunity to rebrand your practice in a way that. . .

  1. creates a whir of momentum,
  2. inspires fresh new  positive energy, and 
  3. generates a surge in business growth.

Whether you intend to focus your whole practice on women or simply create a safe space within your practice that caters to women the femX process, tools and strategy are the same.

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