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Advisors: This Is a Game Changer


Your authentic message can be a total game changer with your business.

Not being able to articulate what you do in a clear and compelling manner totally undermines your value as a financial advisor. 

Every advisor is unique but  when asked “What do you do?” few are able to present their uniqueness and value. For many advisors their message feels uncomfortable, boring and sometimes even trite. If that sounds like you then perhaps it’s time for a change.

When you can present your message and practice in a way that truly reflects your value you will never look back.

Being able to share your value and purpose as an advisor is the fuel that will create a surge in referrals and business growth. Improving your systems, incorporating a new marketing strategy and campaign will always generate limited results when you can’t articulate your uniqueness and value in a way that inspires action.

Here are two examples of what can happen when you begin to share your real value as an advisor in a clear, consistent and compelling manner:

Using my story “Why Women” was a game changer! I have never sent an email and received such overwhelming response.” Lisa Stein Independent Advisor

“I started sharing my story last week and had four fabulous conversations all of which will lead to new business. Not only did I get interest from a woman of influence about managing her money but two others have already referred a friend and associate to me. “ Erica Cummings Morgan Stanley

When you can share your Story, why you do what you do with your Compelling Intro, who you do it for, everything changes.

Both of these women took the time to uncover their true value and purpose, we then carefully crafted their story and developed their compelling message in a way that felt completely authentic to who they are. Now all they have to do is share it..

Uncovering your true message and value is not easy, as you don’t always know how to describe your true value, you can feel it, but can’t articulate it. When asked what you do your response is masked in financial speak and typical professional language that lands flat. Developing your authentic message often requires working with someone who is objective, someone who can see who you are under the surface. Your message becomes less about the tools you use and more about WHY you do what you do, that’s when the light bulb goes off.

Your real Story and Compelling Message is hovering just under the surface, all we need to do is uncover it and unleash it, the rest is easy.

Perhaps it’s time to focus on an aspect of your business that can bring new life and energy into everything you do. 

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