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Marketing to Women

Audi Says It’s Time to Step up Your Game and Make an Impact on the World of Women


I have a quick question for you. . .

What are your actions telling your female clients?

Audi the luxury car company spent millions to promote this video during the Super Bowl where most of the listeners were men and it’s all about empowering women. What were they crazy or just smarter than the rest of us?!?

This video was shocking and effective and a GREAT lesson for financial advisors. Have a look up in the image box.

Now that you watched the video I want you to ask yourself these two simple questions:

  1. What are your actions telling your female clients? Are your actions telling them to continue to depend on others to manage their financial affairs? 
  2. When you primarily communicate with the husband are you telling the woman she is not smart enough? Not capable enough? 

Many advisors want to focus more on women but either don’t know how or are fearful they will alienate the men, but consider this:

  • How many men were watching that commercial thinking about their own daughters?
  • How many women were watching already considering changing car allegiances?

As a financial advisor perhaps it’s time to step up your game and make an impact on the world of women.

When you share a powerful message as to why you want your female clients more engaged in the managing of their assets you will attract more attention, build stronger client loyalty and inspire more referrals. 

Women are the future of your business whether you are ready or not. At Adri Miller Heckman we can help you uncover your new message that empowers women and entices the men who love them. 

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