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Financial Advisors Remember Their Purpose


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As I watched my son develop during his 16 months in Iraq I realized it wasn’t just the military experience that made the difference it was the sense of purpose he had in what he was doing that accelerated his growth and maturity.

This same sense of purpose created a focus and drive he never experienced before. His experience reinforced my belief that we can only achieve our greatness when we are driven by a purpose bigger than ourselves.

As a financial advisor while you may not be dodging bullets or marching in cadence under the American flag you are performing a purpose that goes beyond your own life. As a Financial Advisor you are helping your clients enjoy the freedoms and opportunities that America provides.

While your role as a Financial Advisor may at times feel like just a job yet it too comes with a tremendous responsibility. As a Financial Advisor you become the guardian to your client’s financial future. You chart out their path that will lead them to financial security, independence and for many prosperity.

It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day routines, answering emails, processing documents, prospecting for new business, losing sight of the importance of your job and value you provide. Take some time this week to reflect on your role with your clients, the value you provide and the sense of satisfaction you gain when you see your clients living a prosperous and fulfilling life. 

Remember that you are making a difference every day with every client.

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