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Financial Advisors: Want to Know Why Women Find Money Boring?


Financial Advisors: Want to Know Why Women Find Money Boring?

What if I told you that women aren’t dense about money… they just find it boring. Starting at an early age male and female brains develop differently.

  • Young girls begin shifting outward, craving more interaction, relationships and communication aspects that are not necessarily associated with solving mathematical problems or waiting or beakers to boil. Thus from an early age math and science (regardless of a woman’s ability to understand it) tends to inspire less interest for women.
  • Young men on the other hand due to hormonal changes tend to become more isolated, spending more time alone (as most parents of teenage boys will attest to) laboring over math equations and science projects as that do not require the need to communicate and engage with other human beings.

Understanding why women have shown less interest in the world of finances helps us understand how to engage women more effectively. Recognizing what is important to her as a woman, what interests her is an important step to attracting and retaining more women clients.


Building relationships with women is the core foundation to who she is as a female.

“Girls social agenda, expressed in play and determined by their brain development, is to form close, on-on-one relationships. Boy’s play by contrast, is usually not about relationships – it’s about the game or toy itself as well as social rank, power, defense of territory and physical strength.” -Louann Brizedendine, M.D. The Female Brain.

In an industry that was originally designed to appease the male brain, approach and needs we must embrace the differences in men and women and use our understanding to make changes that appeal to both genders.

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