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Marketing to Women

Game Changing Strategies in the Women’s Market for 2020



Are You Ready to Do the Full Monte?

You want to make 2020 a stellar year, you are highly motivated with high hopes and lofty goals. You’re ready to really dig in and generate exponential business growth but you want a strategy that will generate both immediate and lasting growth.

You realize business as usual won’t cut it.  You need a campaign or strategy that will open more doors, capture more interest, inspire more referrals and allow you to quickly generate more growth momentum leading to a highly productive year.

  • Referral campaigns? Been there done that and nothing seems to make a big impact.
  • Product campaigns? Unless you have something, you can really wrap your arms around it feels too salesy and temporary.
  • COI strategies? You already have a list of COIs, but few give you consistent referrals
  • Seminar strategy? Well seminars are NOT what they used to be

Let’s be real, the economy, trade wars and interest rate cuts continue to create volatility in the markets, not the best environment for encouraging big change with your clients.

So now what?

Every time you turn around your hearing about the growth of women and wealth. Article after article touts the importance of making stronger connections with your female clients to prevent future attrition. If exponential business growth is not your priority, perhaps staving off the potential for high attrition is motivation enough to make women your 2020 focus.

You know focusing on women would be the smart move, it could generate business today and position you as a leader within the industry going forward creating tremendous momentum. But where do you start?

While this is a highly lucrative market there are few resources that provide a clear strategy with the tools to make the process of focusing on women productive and effective. There is no doubt, creating a more female focused practice could help you reach your 2020 goals but without a clear plan and strategy the process feels daunting and a little scary. Let’s face it, the last thing you want to do is fumble around and possibly turn women off, creating irreparable damage.

When I built a successful business focused on the women’s market at Smith Barney in Newport Beach Calif. I had to create everything myself. My message, the look and feel of my business, the style of my events and my marketing strategy were all designed based on who women are and what they want, and it worked. Had I waited for the industry to provide the female focused marketing tools and strategy; I’d still be waiting.

As an advisor today there are more resources than ever before, but you may have to look outside your broker dealer to find what really works.  Marketing to women is not a fad but is here to stay, your job is to determine how committed you are to make this market work for you and what strategy will have the biggest impact.

If you’re a Dipper you may simply want to drip out more female focused content via email or on social media, content that speaks women. If you’re a Wader you probably want a step by step process that allows you to implement at your pace while building your confidence with each new idea and process.  And if you are like me, a Diver, you are all in. Given the tools, strategies and process you are ready to do the Full Monte and make women the primary focus for your business, attracting more prospects, clients, referrals and opportunities faster.

You can’t wait for the industry to change; you must find the resources and strategy that is right for you. We invite you to visit

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