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How to Find the ‘Fountain of Growth’ for Your Advisory Business


How to Find the 'Fountain of Growth' for Your Advisory Business

A handful of advisors have found the ‘Fountain of Growth’ for their business. They have found a way to maintain a high level of energy and enthusiasm for years, an internal program that immediately gets results and increases with time, along with a strategy that is not only enjoyable to implement but attracts more referrals consistently with no extra effort.

We are all looking for a quick fix, a new tactic or tool that will magically accelerate growth, increase referrals and recharge your batteries. Most new strategies will work for a bit but have no sticking power, before you know it you are back searching for the next idea.  It’s only when you get Authentically Focused that your practice will transform your enthusiasm, reignite your passion, generate immediate new interest, reengage existing clients while establishing a more consistent flow of referrals without asking… It ALL happens when you get Authentically Focused.

Let’s break down the magic:

  • Authentic: Real or genuine; not copied or false; true and accurate; made to be or look just like an original
  • Focused: A state or condition permitting clear perception or understanding; a center of activity, attraction, or attention; a point of concentration

When you combine your authentic message (NOT an elevator script) with a clear and defined focus to your business (not a target market), add a fearless determination to make a difference for others, the growth keeps on going, and there is nothing that can stop you.

Here are 8 examples of how becoming “Authentically Focused” can impact your business growth for years to come:

  1. Seven years ago she called me to help refocus her practice. We developed her new marketing plan emphasizing her passion to help women.  We developed her signature event “Women On the Square” with her tag line “Be Informed, Be Engaged, Be Educated” both of which have spread throughout her community. Recently she received one of the highest community awards in her city and her ‘Women On the Square” program played a significant role in establishing her as a woman who supports and helps women, now that’s branding.
  2. Five years ago we transformed her practice to focus on women, she launched with my Savvy Women Invest on Purpose Seminar and we developed her Savvy Women Club.  Today she is hosting her 5th annual Savvy Women Awards ceremony to honor those women who have achieved financial confidence. She has had to raise her minimum and become more selective as to who she will accept as clients. And yet she continues to attract men as clients!
  3. Two years ago with no real database to pull from we focused on how she could build a database while focusing on women. She started a financial networking group for women in her community and hasn’t stopped growing. The women all pay their way and she is building a powerful brand, reputation and LOTS new connections, new introductions and new business opportunities.
  4. Five years ago they left a wire house and went independent. They wanted help creating their new brand that would stimulate growth. They had a successful wealth practice and wanted to carve out a space for marketing to women.  Their women’s program generated the best marketing results, using my Savvy Women Invest on Purpose event as their springboard they even hosted a radio show for women called SavvyUp. Today most all of their marketing focuses on the women’s market and the wealth firm is growing by leaps and bounds.
  5. Four years ago this estate-planning attorney called and wanted help converting his estate planning clients into wealth management clients, he knew the source was women.  We changed the way he marketed, created an event specifically for his women clients, he started his events (filled with both men and women) sharing his story “Why women” and the rest is history. He immediately started generating more referrals and had the highest conversion rate ever from his estate planning events. Today he has converted tons of his estate planning clients to his wealth management practice with women leading the way. 
  6. Five years ago she had built a successful practice, was a frequent CNBC market commentator but knew she had a passion for helping women. Hesitant to fully commit to women she carved out a path for women within her wealth management practice but the pull to what she loved won out especially when the results of this focus spoke loud and clear. Today all of her marketing is on women and she continues to attract men and couples simply because she is committed to being “authentically focused”. 
  7. Three years ago a mother daughter team came to me for more focus and direction. They were already focused on women but their efforts were all over the place.  There was no real consistency, they had no brand and their efforts while impressive were not generating the results they wanted. 2 years later they continue to build their brand as the Mother Daughter Duo, while they used to search out organizations where they could speak and get in front of groups of women today organizations are reaching out to them. Their brand and reputation has grown and they were now asked to speak twice to the women at “Google”. Talk about great branding!
  8. One year ago she was just starting out, she had no database and no real identity not to mention her confidence had been shaken by her former team.  While my methods and approach was contrary to what she had been taught she trusted my word and continued to become ‘Authentically Focused’.  Her events and message was clear, she was all about women.  She started opening some smaller accounts and just landed her first $3,000,000 account with a woman who came from her events.  Her confidence is building and her name and brand is spreading “build it they will come.”


When you become Authentically Focused that becomes the tipping point to a whole new way of building a highly successful practice.  Your energy and enthusiasm comes from within you, you rarely need that external motivation. Fresh ideas come to you naturally and easily integrate into your synergistic business model. You no longer crave the large conferences hoping to find a new idea, method or strategy to re-stoke the fires of growth the ideas are already inside you, bubbling to the surface.

When you become Authentically Focused what you feel inside becomes a magnet to new business. Prospects and clients can feel your passion, which translates to conviction and confidence that is highly attractive to clients of BOTH genders.

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