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How to Grow Your Practice Like a Booming Winery


How to Grow Your Practice Like a Booming Winery

You are probably wondering how wines apply to building a financial practice so let me get to the point.

 The wine business is highly competitive like the financial advisory practice. 

In Napa Valley there are over 600 wineries likewise I’m sure there are hundreds of financial advisors in your area as well.

They all have wines but some are boutiques and have highly defined niches with limited production while others like Robert Mondavi specialize in the lower end wines for the masses. As a financial advisor you have to decide your focus and niche.

The boutiques are generating much of their revenues through wine clubs and word of mouth. They make their members feel like they are a part of a family. I asked how they get most of their members and they said through face to face events.

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At these events they share the personal stories of their winery and the owners. During our short visit they made the winery come to life simply by telling us their history and personal experiences. It wasn’t all about how they make the wine (although that’s important) the focus was more about the personalities of the owners. It was really amazing how their personal touch helped us feel important and welcome to join their family ( or wine club).

Think about your own financial practice and ask yourself these questions:

  1. With so much competition what makes me different?
  2. How do I create that “personal” experience with prospective clients and existing clients?
  3. How am I creating more opportunities to talk to new people face to face?
  4. How am I creating a “club” like atmosphere with my practice
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