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How to Help Women Embrace Your Investment Strategy


How to Help Women Embrace Your Investment Strategy

When working with women I want them to really understand the investment decisions they make but it seems when I try to explain our investment process why we invest the way we do their eyes get glossy and they shut down. In fact, they are even hesitant to ask questions. How can I make this part of my presentation easier for women to digest and embrace?

Women need to understand WHY you do what you do before they can understand HOW you do it or WHAT you do.

In fact when they understand WHY they will be less conflicted and often more open to learning.  So start by sharing 3 clichés’, well known clichés’ that are meaningful to you and have relevance in your investment philosophy.

Sample Clichés

Assuming you are quite conservative and prefer to make preservation a priority in your investment approach then you might say the following:

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned (most people will already understand the meaning behind this well-known concept) your job is to tie the meaning of the cliché’ to your strategy ie: You have worked hard to create this wealth, preserving what we have is my number one priority.

Another example:

Slow and Steady Wins the Race – assumes a focus on slow and steady growth

All that glitters is not gold – assumes a tried and true approach focused on results and historical consistency

These are just a few examples, so now it’s your turn.

3 Steps to an Investment Philosophy Women Understand:

  1. Select 3 clichés that immediately resonate with you and reflect your approach to managing money
  2. Tie the clichés to your beliefs consolidating the belief into one concise statement
  3. Present these clichés in your next presentation and see the positive response

What you will find is that when they realize WHY they are not nearly focused on understanding the details and you will have less need to explain every detail using the the typically confusing industry terminology.

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