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How To Motivate Prospects To Call You Back


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This is actually a very common problem for most advisors that causes tremendous amounts of frustration; we have a simple solution that works like magic!

PROBLEM:  You met with an ideal prospect that had a need and you presented the solutions. They left the meeting seeming very committed to moving forward but they wanted time to think and review all that you shared. You promised to follow up. A week has passed; you have left two voice messages with no response and are feeling rather discouraged. You are questioning their commitment to moving forward but more importantly you are even questioning yourself:

  • Are they avoiding me?
  • Did I say something to turn them off?
  • Have they decided not to work with me but don’t want to tell me?
  • Should I have made different recommendations?

Those gremlins begin to seep into your brain causing you to question your value. Each time you call you feel like a stalker and only get discouraged further. But it doesn’t stop you from pondering over every question:

  • Maybe they expect you to keep following up?
  • But if you just stop calling will you be walking away from a great opportunity?

REALITY: While there are a small percentage of cases where the prospect has no intention of doing business with you, MOST of the time (probably around 95%) they have every intention of doing business with you, they are simply busy or distracted. But how do you know the difference?  How do you get the ball moving again in a positive direction?

SOLUTION: Put the ball in their court.  In most cases your instincts were correct, they like you and what you have to offer but have become distracted. When you have left two messages your third call should be honest, candid with a touch of humor expressing your unique personality. This final call will release you of further responsibility while motivating them to call you back.

SCRIPT: “Hi Mr. and Mrs. Smith, it’s (your name) again, when we last met you asked me to follow up but after leaving a few messages I’m starting to feel a little bit like a “stalker” and that’s really not my style.  So while I am confident we can (improve your situation, solve your issues….) I’m going to put the ball in your court. You know where to find me, when you are ready just let me know. Have a great day”

IMPACT: In most cases this call will make them feel guilty and inspire an immediate response. They may even call apologetic stating life got too busy but “I’m sorry we have just been so busy. Yes, we want to get started, what do we need to do next?.” If they don’t call you back you have just saved yourself a lot of time, energy and angst allowing you to move on to new opportunities and prospects who appreciate your value.

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